August 2013

Emer was shown at the National Pony Show. She won her class and was awarded I class premium. Best in Show was veteran aged wonderful mover, Connemara pony mare Rockfield Scaramé (by my first stallion Kåsta Scaramouche) - felt almost as good as if we had won!

Caragh Emer. Photo © Satu Pitkänen.

June 2013

Grian's foal by Coosheen Finnegan was finally born on June 26th. Everything went well and the bold colt was named Caragh Guinness. First letter G, associated with Ireland and even the colour matches (so far)...

Caragh Guinness. Photo © Satu Pitkänen.

Grand Old Lady OAP, standardbred trotter Jula Song (28 years and still going strong) joined us again in the beginning of June. In the beginning of July Finnish Warmblood yearling Me Oh My (sire For Enjoy Ask) came for a summer camp...

Emer & Jula.

Me Oh My. Photo © Satu Pitkänen.


In the beginning of October the mares were inspected by Finlands Hippos inspection team. I couldn't be happier with the results as I had three mares with I class premiums to take home. Despite her injuries even Grian moved happily and got good marks from movement. All of them had very good point scores (type – head, neck, body – limbs& movements correctness – walk – trot - canter):

Caragh Grian 9-9-7-8-8-8
Caragh Ernine 9-9-7-8-8-8
Caragh Emer 10-9-8-8-9-9

Emer was finally chosen as a Best in Show at the inspections – an added bonus!

Add to this Caragh Gaoithe's inspection result a week earlier in Canada; 84,5% of the total point score – no wonder the small breeder had a special week :-).

Caragh -mares on their way to hear the inspection results. Photo © Satu Pitkänen.

Best in Show Caragh Emer. Photo © Satu Pitkänen.

Caragh Gaoithe in Canada, summer 2012. Photo © Heather Dawe.


8.9. Emer and Ernine were shown successfully at the FCPS Breed Show. They were 1st and 2nd in the 4 to 9 year old mare class, both with first premium.

Innellan Kestrel's and Kåsta Scaramouche's progeny did well at the show. Congratulations to the breeders and owners!

Photos © Satu Pitkänen.


24.8. Friday evening was a sad one. Tytti, one of the stable cats was found dead on a busy road. Her four 7-week old kittens are a bit too young to live without mum but luckily they can eat solid food.

Tytti and kittens. Photo © Pia Riiheläinen.

Connemara ponies celebrated at the 35th National Pony Show, 18.-19. August. Although there were no Caragh ponies entered this time two main titles went to ”our” family! Best in Show 2012 among almost 500 ponies was Coneridge Kathleen bred by Mari Talvio and owned by Annika and Nina Hägglund. Kathleens sire Innellan Kestrel stayed with us breeding seasons 2003 and 2006-2007. Champion foal from all breeds was Daireann of Silvergrove (Vanity Padraigh – Streamside Beverley) bred by Tiina Numminen. Foal's dam Streamside Beverley is also by Innellan Kestrel and out of Caragh Eager Eileen :-). Winning gelding Beachtree Actros is also by Kestrel and there were couple of other successful youngsters with our foundation stallion Kåsta Scaramouche or a Caragh mare – or both – in their pedigree.

Coneridge Kathleen.
Photo © Hanna Leppänen, Suomen Hippos

Caragh Grian has been scanned in foal to Coosheen Finnegan (Coosheen Finn – Ganty Gina). If everything goes as planned the foal will be due in mid June 2013.

Coosheen Finnegan. Photo © Satu Pitkänen.


Stable cat Tytti-Desirée had four lovely kittens on 4th of July.

Photos © Pia Riiheläinen.


In June we got visitors, trotters. Old wise lady Jula who had been with us even last summer came in the beginning of June. Yearling filly Hipsu joined the gang in Midsummer.

Hipsu. Photos © Tuula Pyöriä.


In spring we got happy news from Canada. Henkka's (Caragh Gaoithe) first foals were born! First, on April 27th came Elphin Tuuli (tuuli = wind in finnish), a black (going grey) colt out of Elphin Michaelmas Daisy. Elphin Malachite was born on May 8th. He is bay (going grey) and out of Elphin Milis Rosánna.

Elphin Tuuli. Photo © Heather Sherratt.

Elphin Malachite. Photo © Heather Sherratt.

December 2011

2011 has been a quiet year for us; all the troubles in the beginning of the year took their toll and it didn't even occur to my mind to show my ponies or get the mares covered – or anything else extra for that matter. Hopefully 2012 will be brighter!

Emer and Ernine continue their studies. Grian does pretty well now, considering what the situation was in the beginning of the year.

October 2011

Jula returned to her home on the first week of October. I'll miss the wise old lady!

Emer and Ernine came home from their pasture in the beginning of October.

Grian's summer went recovering from her fracture and resulting laminitis. She was able to stretch her legs in a small paddock and gradually she was allowed to graze few hours a day. She will visit a farrier for special shoeing once a month.

June 2011:

Emer and Ernine have started their ridden careers during this spring. Both are happy to work and have showed promise as a riding pony.

”Our boy” in Canada, Caragh Gaoithe, has visited the stallion station for semen collection for the first time in his life. The personnel expected a longish teaching session, but when the phantom had been adjusted to the correct height it took only few minutes. Gaoithe's owner Heather was more than pleased with his clever Connemara pony!

The first half of 2011 has been tough to Grian. When running in deep snow she managed to step in the hole or tree root and fractured her hind leg. She had to stand tied up and supported in a kind of a sling for three months. Uneven stress lead to laminitis in one of her front foot and box rest continued until mid May. Her outings are still confined to a small convalescent paddock. Ridden career has been forgotten but I do hope she'll recover so that she can be used for breeding.

In the end of May we got a summer guest when old lady Jula arrived. She is an old age pensioner, standardbred trotter who is keeping company to Grian while Emer and Ernine are grazing away from stable yard. Jula is a lovely wise old lady, who has seen and experienced everything.

Photo © Satu Pitkänen.

December 2010:

Finland's Hippos' breeding committee has awarded Premium A to stallion Innellan Kestrel for his progeny in Finland. Kestrel stayed with us seasons 2003 and 2006-2007.

Photo © Satu Pitkänen.

October 2010:

Innellan Kestrel's son Mrs Dowdeswell's John's Cuckoo ridden by Matthew Lawrence, won the Connemara section of the Mace Group Mountain & Moorland Pony of the Year at the Horse of the Year Show at October 6th.

Dreams of foals for 2011 have been buried. At the autumn's last vet check it was found out both Ernine and Emer have aborted their foals.

Emer was entered to the young pony inspection at Sipoo on October 4th. The horsebox ramp's hydraulics broke down late in the evening before so unfortunately she did not travel after all. However five of Innellan Kestrel's daughters were inspected for stud book. All passed and from these three got first premiums. Congratulations to the breeders and owners!

August 2010:

August 29th
Innellan Kestrel's and Caragh Eager Eileen's 6-year old daughter Streamside Beverley won PoniBreeders' 6 year-old ponies dressage championship ridden by Anna Kärkkäinen. Congratulations to the breeder Marja Hoikkala and owner Tiina Sinisalo!!

The winner of 5-year old ponies PoniBreeders in showjumping was Connemara mare The Next Best Thing. She comes from the same mare family as Streamside Beverley, their granddams were full sisters.

Streamside Beverley. Photo © Tiina Sinisalo.

August 27th
Emer has finally arrived back home after three months visit to Sweden. She is in foal to Carnaby Patrick Hooligan (

August 18th
Innellan Kestrel's daughter Doonhill Lass (dam Cartron Abbey) won the class for 8 to 9 year old mares at Clifden Show.

August 1st
Innellan Kestrel's 6-year old daughter Coneridge Kathleen (dam Kate) was Champion Connemara at the National Pony Show at Vermo race course, Helsinki. Congratulations to the owner Annika Hägglund and the breeder Mari Talvio!

July 2010:

Caragh Grian was shown at the Breed Show on July 10th. She repeated her brother's success from last year, winning her class with I class premium. She was also Junior Champion, Best pony bred in Finland and Reserve Supreme Champion. The show was judged by Mr Malachy Gorham from Ireland. Big thank you to handler Minna Uronen for showing Grian so successfully on extremely hot day!

Garagh Grian

There were four other yearlings by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg, who was standing at stud with us in 2008. They all were awarded first class premiums and the colt Symphatil O'Malley (out of Symphatil Irish Mist, owned & bred by Susanna Rahinainen) won his class.

Symphatil O'Malley

Caragh Ernine was scanned for the second time on July 8th. She is safely in foal to Hagens Ryan (Tulira Highball x Abbeyleix Flora). Ernine is often very tense during the transport so she won't be shown at the breed show as her pregnancy and the foal are much more important. Caragh Emer who travelled to Sweden to visit s stallion has not concieved yet. Still hoping for good news and hopefully she will come back home in foal even if later than planned.

June 2010:

Ernine and Grian were shown 3.6. at the horse board's young pony assessment. Both got top grades and Grian was even Best In Show!

Garagh Grian

Garagh Ernine

May 2010:

Emer travelled 27.5. to Sweden to visit a stallion.

Henkka is doing well in his new home ( I was told he has been a real pro in every way - even with couple of mares he has covered!

April 2010:

8.4. Henkka flew over Atlantic to Toronto and travelled further five hours by trailer to his new owner Heather Sherratt of Elphin Mountain Connemaras. There is still one weeks quarantine before he can settle to his new home. Heather is very excited about him, first e-mail after the pony arrived started with words: "what a LOVELY pony he is!" Congratulations and best of luck, Heather & Henkka!

March 2010:

28.3. Kåsta Scaramouche's son Golddigger Laddie who stands the 2010 breeding season in Ireland made his first public appearance there during the Spring Stallion Festival parade at Clifden. He behaved impeccably and was good ambassador of Finnish Connemara pony breeding.

23.3. Henkka started his long journey to his new home. We took him to Lahti, from where he continued with an international horse transport to Germany and quarantine. After 2 weeks there he travelled to Amsterdam and with KLM flight to Toronto.

20.3. Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg who spent the 2008 breeding season with us in Finland was awarded premium A for the quality of his offspring in his homeland Sweden. Congratulations to Ash and his owner Ingrid!

14.3. Caragh Eager Eileen was awarded a special prize at the FCPS AGM. Five of her progeny have been competing and participating the Connemara Cup with excellent results.

8.3. Caragh Eager Eileen was put to sleep at the age of 24 years. This great character known as Kääkkä or Kääkkis, owned by Marja Hoikkala spend her last years at Fieldhill stud. The first 14 years of her life she stayed with her breeder, foaled three times and competed both in dressage and show jumping. After moving to Marja she had 3 more foals, total 5 fillies and one gelding. Both the mare and her progney have been doing very well as well in show rings as in competitions. Hopefully her daughters will continue breeding in the future as well as she did.

Photo © Leena Kahisaari

February 2010:

The beginning of year 2010 has been very tough. January 13th I had to make the hard desicion and Ethlinn was put to sleep. She had hurt her knee badly and there was nothing else to do.

Photo © Satu Pitkänen. 

Only few weeks later wonderful hacks in the snowy forest with Gem turned to grief whe she died suddenly. The death of a healthy young mare is a huge loss to the small breeder as she was worth of gold to me.

Photo © Leena Kahisaari. 

September 2009:

Caragh Gaoithe was shown at the FCPS Breed Show September 5th. This was his first show and he won his class, was later Junior Champion as well as best pony bred in Finland. He finally ended up as Reserve Supreme Champion, so the day was more than satisfying! Not to mention he was also shown at the horse board's young pony assessment where he gained I premium.

Photo © Satu Pitkänen. 

August 2009:

Progeny by our leasing stallions have been doing extremely well. In England Innellan Kestrel's descendants John's Cuckoo, Lough Fadda Best Man and Oaklands Donatello have qualified to the Ridden M & M Championships at HOYS. John's Cuckoo will be seen also at NPS Ridden Championships at Olympia, just before Christmas.
Ashfield Cathal Crobdeargh's daughter Brittney won the show jumping championship for kat. I Connemara ponies at the SCS Breed Show in the beginning of August.

Kittens moved to new homes by the mid August.

June 2009:

Ulla Vettenranta, owner of the 19-year old mare Caragh Cailin Scarlet (Kåsta Scaramouche - Caragh Eager Eileen) send photographs telling Scarlet is still going strong. She is riding dressage, jumping, hacking and riding western with her - among other things. After her competitive career Scarlet became a real "do it all -pony" as can be expected from a proper Connemara pony.

June 6th Caragh Gaoithe aka Henkka travelled few kilometres to join his half brother Jannu (Springhill Comet) to summer pasture. Little guys get along extremely well and fully enjoy their freedom.

Photo © Satu Pitkänen. 

June 2nd Innellan Gem gave birth to a dun filly foal. Everything went smoothly and quickly.

Photo © Satu Pitkänen.

May 2009:

In the middle of May we got two sets of kittens. First Tytti had her twins in the May 11th and then Minni had her triplets five days later. Mums take care of the kittens together, they share feeding as well other responsibilities.

Photo © Piia Riiheläinen.

Photo © Satu Pitkänen.

January 2009:

From the British Connemara Pony Society website we could read Innellan Kestrel's son The Connaught Ghost (dam Moorland Water-Lily) was very successful in the Performance Award Scheme, placing 5th among nearly 70 ponies. Another son of Kestrel, driving pony Murvey Dunhill (dam Sweet Albany) did also very well.


27.-28.9. Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg's 3-year old daughter placed second in loosejumping in the Swedish National Finals for young ponies

24.9. Caragh Emer and Caragh Ernine were shown at the young pony inspections with excellent results and top point scores as well as their half-brother, yearling colt Free Noble Kestrel by Innellan Kestrel.

17.9. Innellan Kestrel's 4-year old daughter Fieldhill Belinda Blue was inspected for stud book with very good and even point score and recieved I premium.

On 6th September our "teenage monsters" Emer and Ernine were shown at the Connemara Breed Show. They both did very well, being placed first and second in their class - both also got I class premium. Emer won later the Junior Champion title as well as Reserve Supreme Champion title.

Caragh Emer. Photo © Satu Pitkänen.


Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg returned home to Sweden on the last week of August. All but one mare covered by him were scanned in foal. The latest news from him tell that he enjoys long walks in the forest with his owner, looking for mushrooms!

The kittens moved to new homes. Peace and quiet in the stable - almost too quiet.

2.-3.8. Innellan Kestrel and his daughters were successful at the Danish Connemara Pony Society inspection and show in Jylland. More than one of his daughters got I class premium at inspection, Bechs Magic Breeze being the best of all the inspected mares. Kestrel's progeny group with six daughters between 2 and 6 years got highest marks ever in Denmark for a Connemara pony group. Kestrel himself was Best in Show and his daughter Bechs Magic Breeze Reserve Best in Show.

Bechs Magic Breeze. Photo © Susanne Leijonhufvud.

Innellan Kestrel. Photo © Susanne Leijonhufvud.

Innellan Gem has been scanned in foal to Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg.

Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg's daughters Halle Hollywood and Gevas Lady Hennessee has been inspected in Sweden on week 29. They both got Diploma mare award. In fact, all of Ash's 3-year old daughters that have been inspected have reached this status. Diploma mare is a 3-year old mare that gets minimum 40 points from conformation at inspection. To get 40 points the pony must be of really good quality.

Halle Hollywood. Photo © Gunner Harder Andersen.

Minni's and Tytti's kittens (3 + 4) are almost ready for weaning. They are lovely but can cause real riot, especially Minni's three boys - to put it mildly...

Photos © Pia Riiheläinen.

14.6. Innellan Gem gave birth to a colt foal. The foal was born few weeks before it was due and without any warning signs. Luckily everything went well and the young mum managed perfectly on her own. Caragh Gaoithe is the name, stable name Little G (young finnish rap artist) or Henkka (artist's nickname).

Photo © Satu Pitkänen.

Innellan Kestrel's German son Springfield Shadow spends 2008 breeding season in Ireland!

Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg arrived to Finland in April. He is ready to entertain visiting ladies!

Photo © Satu Pitkänen.

January 2008:
In January it became certain that we can lease Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg RC-IRE 991 and he will arrive to Finland in spring. Visiting mares are welcome from the beginning of May onwards. Picture taken at his home at Halle Stud in January.

Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg


December 2007:
Finland's Hippos breeding committee awarded Innellan Kestrel and Caragh Elaine Aisling premium AB for their progeny achievements.


December 2007:
Caragh Elaine Aisling and Caragh Enya returned to their owners around Christmas and New Year. The weaning of their foals had begun gradually earlier and there were no problems with the little ones. Ethlinn and Gem act as nannies and teach some manners to the little ladies.

Photo © Satu Pitkänen.


September 2007:
Two of the stable cats Iitu and Helmi disappeared without a trace. A fox had been seen several times around the stables so probably that was the reason. Both cats are sorely missed.


Kestrel returned to Denmark on week 37.

Innellan Kestrel. Photo © Marja Munne.


The President of CPBS Ireland Mr Tom MacLochlainn was in Finland in the beginning of September. He visited several breeders and also Caragh Stud.

Photo © Satu Pitkänen.


Four of our ponies were entered to the National Pony Show in August. Result was three class winners, best Connemara stallion, foal and veteran as well as Champion Connemara (Innellan Kestrel) and third (Caragh Ernine).

Innellan Kestrel. Photo © Marja Munne.


Caragh Elaine Aisling and Innellan Gem are both scanned in foal to Innellan Kestrel.

Kestrel's son Loughfadda Best Man ridden by Chris Patric was Reserve Ridden Champion at BCPS's Diamond Jubilee Show!

In the evening of June 24th Enya gave birth to a strong and perky dun filly Caragh Emer.

Caragh Emer.

In the end of May Enya joined the gang and moved from Marja's place to my place, the forthcoming foal will be Caragh something...

10.5. Elaine gave birth to a charming dun (going grey) filly. Dad was attending the occasion as he shared the paddock with the mum - he was a bit confused and very tired afterwards. The filly was named Caragh Ernine.

Caragh Elaine Aisling & her filly Caragh Ernine.


Kestrel's 3-year old son Cleos Antonius was presented at the stallion inspection in March. He passed the inspection and was approved for breeding.

Cleos Antonius. Photo © Kaisa Kukkanen. 

During the stallion inspection there was a stallion parade for already approved stallions. Kestrel was first shown in-hand and then he was let loose. He loved to show off a bit and he truly enjoyed the situation.

Innellan Kestrel. Photo © Kaisa Kukkanen.

In October Kestrel's owner Reci Bech decided that Kestrel could stay with us also 2007 breeding season - big thank you for Reci!

Innellan Kestrel. Photo © Vili Riiheläinen.

We are expecting two Caragh-foals in 2007, both sired by Innellan Kestrel. Foals are due before mid-May and end of June.

Caragh Caithleen has been competing succesfully at local level in dressage and show jumping during the fall. Trainig with Hilla goies well.

Caragh Caithleen. Photo © Senja Turtiainen.

Maplehill Cliona (by Symphatil Hazy Becks), the daughter of Caragh Elaine Aisling was Champion Connemara at the National Pony Show at Vermo race course in August. Her sister Maplehill Blaithin (by Ard Ri Cunga) was also doing well getting I class premium. Blaithin's colt foal Maplehill Eoin Elliot (by Coosheen Finbarr) was Champion Connemara Foal. Congratulations to the breeder / owner Johanna Rummukainen!

Maplehill Cliona. Photo © Tiina Sinisalo.

This mare family was again successful when Caragh Enya, out of Caragh Ethlinn Athracht did also very well getting I class premium and her filly foal Eacha Critan (by Coosheen Finbarr) won her class. Also Caragh Caithleen was shown at Vermo, she got II class premium this time. Congratulations to both owners Marja Munne & Senja Turtiainen!

17 mares visited Kestrel during the summer, one of those being an Arab. For some unknown reason many owners brought their mares quite late in the summer. During the hottest period in July some of the mares had problems with their cycling but luckily those covered in the beginning or end of summer concieved normally. All the mares covered by Kestrel in Denmark before arriving to Finland were found in foal. The Stallion had also time to have a nap during the busiest breeding season!

Innellan Kestrel. Photo © Tuula Pyöriä.

1.6.2006 Innellan Kestrel arrived to Finland. The stallion is ready to start his stud duties immediately.

17.5.2006 Ethlinn became a granny! Caragh Enya owned by Marja Munne gave birth to a lovely filly foal by Coosheen Finbarr RC 99. She was named Eachna Critan, her stable name is Anni.

1.5.2006 Caragh Caithleen owned by Senja Turtiainen has started her competitive career ridden by Senja’s daughter Hilla. Caithleen loves jumping and is progressing nicely also in dressage.

25.1.2006 Johanna Rummukainen's Caragh Elaine Aisling 125 C joined us at the Caragh Stud. She is a welcome reinforcement.

Caragh Enya, 3 year old filly owned by Marja Munne was Junior Champion, Best pony born in Finland and Reserve Supreme Champion at the Breed Show 28.8.2005. Mr Padraic Hynes from Ireland was the visiting judge.

16.8.2005 Scaramouche, Murphy and two other yearling colts got killed in a thunderstorm. They are sadly missed.

12.8.2005 Innellan Gem “Emma" finally arrived to Finland.

12.5.2005 Yearling colt Caragh Murphy was shown at the local youngstock inspection. He got I class premium and was also Best in Show. At the same time Caragh Caithleen owned by Senja Turtiainen, was inspected and approved for the stud book.

November 2004: Innellan Gem (Glencarrig Lexus – Ashfield Rolling Stone – Killyreagh Kim) was purchased for a future brood mare. She'll arrive to Finland in spring 2005.

11.9.2004 Caragh Caithleen was Supreme Champion at the FCPS Breed Show. Week after the show she got a new owner, Mrs Senja Turtiainen.

19.8.2004 Doonhill Lass and Nire Valley Kestrel, daughters of Innellan Kestrel, took double victory at the Clifden Show in the class for three year old mares. Also stallion son Crusheen Comet did well in a big stallion class placing 7th.

7.5.2004 Colt foal by Innellan Kestrel and out of Caragh Ethlinn Athracht was born.

Reci Bech from Denmark kindly leased us the beautiful stallion Innellan Kestrel for the 2003 breeding season. Kestrel returned to Denmark in October 2003 after Helsinki International Horse Show.

Caragh Enya, born 24.5.2002 by Ard Ri Cunga and out of Caragh Ethlinn Athracht. The new owner of this filly is Mrs Marja Munne of Valkeala, known for her excellent horse photographs.

National Pony Show 2002, Best in Show Caragh Elaine Aisling (Kåsta Scaramouche – Espe Etta) with her owner Johanna Rummukainen, breeder Tuula Pyöriä and filly foal Maplehill Cliona with her handler Minna Mäenpää. Only once before has Connemara pony won this title, in 1983 when Elaine’s dam Espe Etta was supreme champion.